Safeguard sensitive data
across your AI stack

Firewall for AI APIs identify and protect sensitive info in prompts, docs, logs, and audio with unmatched accuracy.

GenAI, the new threat vector.

It's no secret that AI models rely on high volumes of sensitive enterprise data and context.

It's all too easy for sensitive information like customer records, harmful content, API keys, or intellectual property to creep in during training or inference.

Not to mention, models are deployed in environments that introduce human error, and LLMs are increasingly the target of abuse and attack.

An easier way to build safe, responsible AI.

As an extension of Nightfall's industry-leading detection engine, Firewall for AI is an API that ingests raw data, parses it, and identifies any sensitive findings within. You can count on Firewall for AI to deliver detections that are accurate, fast, and reliable.

Scan any text, file, or image —no parsers or OCR required.

High precision and low latency detection models capable of consuming and parsing even the most unstructured data.

Choose from
our pre-built detectors,
or customize your own.

Support for PII, payment card data (PCI), healthcare data (PHI), harmful content, credentials, secrets, and more. No more writing regexes and word lists to match data.

Take protective action on identified data.

Redact, mask, substitute, and encrypt data — before it's leaked to a data store or model. Go beyond discovery and classification.

Instrument the API anywhere.

Composable and flexible, whether you're scanning data prior to embedding data for RAG, scanning data at rest in a DB, or scanning data in prompts before they are input to the model.

With benchmarks unlike anyone else.



Results that outperform Google DLP, AWS Guardrails, and Microsoft Purview.



≤100ms P99. Detections as fast as a single flap of a hummingbird's wings.

≥1k rps


Concurrency that's ready to handle your real-time apps and pipelines at scale.

Build AI-powered apps without the risk.

Firewall for AI allows engineers to scrub and sanitize data at scale so they spend less time handling incidents, and more time building secure AI models.


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Scan up to 3 GB of data / month

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What can I do with the Firewall for AI?

How quickly can I get started with Firewall for AI?

What types of data can I scan with the API?

What types of detectors are supported out of the box?

Can I customize or bring my own detectors?

What is the pricing model?

How do I know my data is secure?

How do I get in touch with you?

Can I test out the detection and my own detection rules before writing any code?

Getting Started

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Choose your detectors

Try one of our AI-powered pre-built detectors, or create or remix your own.

Test detection

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Quickstart guide

Not ready to use the API yet?

Test out our Detection Engine in our Playground without any code.

Not ready to use the API yet?

Test out our Detection Engine in our Playground without any code.

Start scanning in minutes.

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